Duration: 2 hours
Wheelchair: accessible
Availability: all year round
Difficulty: none, pebbles flooring at some point
Exclusions: entrance fees (if any), tips, food and drinks
Category: walking tour

This basic city tour of Vercelli, the Italian capital of rice farming, take us back in time to the 1200s when thanks to a local smart cardinal, connections were made with the crown of England and reasons to build the mighty Abbey of St. Andrew were established.

The Abbey itself and its thereabouts such as the peaceful cloister of the monks, nowadays used by an order of nuns, make the visit itself. However the city offers quite a unique set of medieval towers, most of which with a peculiar octagonal shape, and a memorable medieval square still looking like in the very old times with low covered walkways and red bricks decorations.

The visit proceeds with the Cathedral, named after the first bishop in the history of the Piedmont Region, Eusebio, which mixes several architectural styles and still preserves a massive bell tower of Romanesque reminescences.

If time allows and you are not in big rush, the Jewish ghetto and the amazing moresque style sinagogue will complete your first visit to the city of rice.

Do not forget to buy some rice, the best for risotto: Carnaroli, available at every grocery store in the old town. Quality is assured every choice you make.