Duration: 3 hours
Wheelchair: accessible
Availability: all year round
Difficulty: none
Exclusions: entrance fees (if any), tips, food and drinks
Category: walking tour

A large majority of those who visit Turin are not aware of the political role of the city in the past centuries. Although the city has been described as an industrial hub for long, many do not know that industry gave birth to a new social class, by the end of the 1800s, commonly referred to as “Bourgeoisie”.

Aiming to show off their value and wealth, the local entrepreneurs hired the greatest architects of their times to build, renovate or simply to decorate Villas and Palaces in different areas of the city, thus paying reference to the new northern European style commonly referred to as “Art Nouveau” which is known in Italy as “Liberty”. This half day guided tour will take you to the most significant “Liberty” district of the city called Cit Turin (the “little Turin”) which gravitates around the beautiful piazza Benefica, surrounded by Art Nouveau palaces and the Church of Jesus of Nazareth.

Moreover, on both sides of the 1700s boulevard named Corso Francia, you will admire several villas and Palaces, whose iconic curved lines decorate facades and bow windows. Dragons and fantastic beasts populate the Victory Palace while flowers and snail shaped roofing embellish the Villa La Fleur, designed by the local Architect Pietro Fenoglio for his beloved wife.