Duration: 3 hours (half day) or 8 hours with lunch break
Wheelchair: accessible
Availability: all year round
Difficulty: none
Exclusions: entrance fees (if any), tips, food and drinks
Category: walking tour

The rituals of coffee drinking and aperitivo are taken very seriously in Turin! We invite you to discover our historic coffee houses that look exactly as they did two centuries ago when intellectuals met there to drink “Bicerin”, an elegant blend of chocolate, coffee and whipped cream.

It was the favourite drink of Cavour, Alexandre Dumas and Friedrich Nietzsche. Sitting in historic Cafés, listening to stories of love, passion, intrigues, eating cakes, our famous pasticcini, will reveal you something about our way of life. Turin is also the home of chocolate. “Gianduiotto” will make you feel good. We fight depression with chocolate as it satisfies the palate and the spirit.

End of half day service

In the afternoon, after a lunch break, the tour continues with another star of our local cuisine: Vermouth. An aromatic wine as well as the synonym of aperitivo. We will see the historical palace where Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented vermouth in 1786 and several variations by others since then. Still today, it is possible to taste the original Carpano vermouth and feel the typical atmosphere of a real Aperitivo in Turin.

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