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If you just want us for a visit to any of the museums in town, we will be happy to meet you there and guide you around the heritage kept behind their doors.

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The Egyptian Museum of Turin

The largest Egyptian Collection, outside Egypt itself, is kept in Torino. The visit has an average duration of 1.30 h but can be quite longer depending on your interest spanning...

The Royal Palace of Turin

The Residence of the first King of Italy. Built in the 1600s to home the duke of Savoy, the palace displays the royal apartments of kings and queens since then,...

Palazzo Madama

The Palace where Italy became a Nation. Known for being the first Italian Senate, Palazzo Madama is home to a beautiful collection of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissant masterpieces. The visit...

The National Automobile Museum

Turin is the cradle of car industry in Italy. Located on the banks of the River Po, this mighty museum displays a set of historic car models from all over...

The Holy Shroud Museum

The most important relic of Christianity is kept in Torino. Known to be the linen that wrapped the body of Jesus in the Sepulchre, the Holy Shroud is still today...

The National Cinema Museum

Turin gave birth to the Italian Cinema Industry. The tallest building in town (Mole Antonelliana) is home to the National Cinema Museum, which displays relics, costumes, posters, scenographies and even...

The Crypt of St. Anastasius in Asti

Asti was one of the most powerful Italian Cities in the Middle Ages Located in the very heart of the city of Asti, underneath a moden school building, this amazing...

The Holy Sepulchre Round in Asti

Asti was the headquarter of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. The city is home to a replica of the Holy Sepulchre Round of Jerusalem, meant to allow those...

The Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi

The most peculiar Royal Residence in Italy Built in the 1700s, this unique royal palace was aimed at impressing the visitors with its weird structure, the unique garden, shaped as...

Venaria Reale

This amazing royal Palace, is among the biggest in the world Starting from a small hunting lodge built in the second half of the 1600s, this palace became the most...

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